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Dehesa Spain Project


Dehesa Spain, is a natural meadow treated by the hand of man, which is considered one of the most ecological agricultural ecosystems on Earth.

Without defined limits, large extensions of grass, trees and cattle, the first two own and permanent; external is cattle and necessary for the sustainability and conservation of the environment.

Space with a great biodiversity, with holm oaks producing acorns, essential food for the development in optimal conditions of the pure Iberian pig.

The ambitious project of Manuel Maldonado

Manuel Maldonado manages to complete an ambitious project on his farm in the Extremaduran Dehesa Spain, populating it with fauna typical of the ecosystem. The Iberian pig, the animal that occupies the most space on the pasture, and the wild animals such as wild boars that inhabit these lands, are joined by cattle and flocks of sheep.

Environmental Balance
Cattle & Nature

Dehesa Spain is a pasture with groups of scattered trees: it extends over large areas forming a perfect balance that combines exploitation by humans and the conservation of its natural resources.

In order for the Spanish pasture to remain in good condition, in addition to the Iberian pigs, it needs ruminants that eat the dry pastures. Both cattle and sheep feed on the products of the pasture, their natural habitat.

Sheep and cattle are species that contribute to this conservation through grazing, being decisive for the regeneration of trees. A fair density of cattle and the promotion of sheep farming allow rapid development of oak and cork oak shoots.

Cattle Pronghorn

At Empresa Maldonado we are committed to beef cattle of the milflores subvariety. This recovered autochthonous breed has a great capacity for fat infiltration, similar to the Iberian, a characteristic that gives food in the pastures of Spain, with times of great abundance of food in which the animals fatten, and other times of optimal use.

The purpose of cattle exploitation is to produce oxen: their meat is extremely juicy, and has an elegant and intense flavor. The fat is very subtle and has an extraordinary bouquet.