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MALDONADO in ORIGEN Online by Luis Ramírez

Article for the ORIGEN Online magazine written by Luis Ramírez about Manuel Maldonado, farmer and producer of Premium Ibéricos
20 de mayo de 2023

Discover the passion of MALDONADO for the pasture and the pure Iberian pig.

Today we want to share with all lovers of good ham and culinary tradition the story behind our company and our passion for the pasture and the pure Iberian pig.

At MALDONADO, we are proud of the recognition we have received from the renowned gastronomic writer Luis Ramírez (Twitter @lramirezmolero) in his inspiring article entitled “La dehesa, a unique ecosystem and the pure Iberian pig as the protagonist”.

This article immerses us in the fascinating world of the pasture and highlights the work of Manuel Maldonado, our artisan farmer and producer, in the preservation of this natural environment and in the creation of our exquisite pure Iberian pork products.

Dehesa project.

The Badajoz pasture, located in the towns of Alburquerque and Villar del Rey, is a springtime treasure where the pure Iberian pig reigns supreme in its unique habitat. Manuel Maldonado, also known as the «guru» of Ibérico, has dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of this ecosystem, and has created our famous ARCANO ham, a product that pays homage to ancestral traditions and has captivated the palates of people in Spain and around the world. On his farm, La Jabaliega de Villar del Rey, Manuel Maldonado raises Iberian pigs of selected lineage, as well as Merino sheep and pronghorn oxen in what he has begun to call the «Dehesa Project».

Interview with Luis Ramirez – ORIGEN

In an exciting interview with Luis Ramírez from the specialized magazine ORIGEN, Manuel Maldonado shares his first memories related to good food, placing special emphasis on the traditional kitchen of his home, where the grill and the fire played a fundamental role.

Manuel’s passion for the countryside and rural life was transmitted by his father, and aroused in him the desire to unite the pasture with the meat industry. Although at first he had no intention of being a rancher, Manuel Maldonado became the first rancher of his family and dedicated himself completely to the world of the pure Iberian pig. However, he was faced with a scarcity of purebred pigs on the market, which led him to delve into animal husbandry and care to ensure the genetics and feed necessary to obtain the best product.

Entrevista Revista ORIGEN

Throughout the years, MALDONADO has experienced constant growth, overcoming challenges and always seeking to improve at all stages of the process. Manuel Maldonado highlights the pasture as a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem, and considers the pure Iberian pig as the most fascinating animal from a gastronomic point of view.

With a philosophy based on continuous improvement, Manuel Maldonado has developed ARCANO ham, recovering old production techniques and highlighting the importance of «the white of ham». The acorn-fed pig is the animal from which, practically, all its fat is provided by acorns and herbs from the pasture, which makes this fat an authentic delicacy.

This very special animal and slow maturation in the dryers themselves come together to achieve an incomparable flavor and texture. The result is a ham of exceptional quality, with a perfect balance between the juiciness of the meat and the intensity of its aroma.

At MALDONADO, we are proud to offer our clients the unique experience of tasting the fruit of our passion for the pasture and the pure Iberian pig. Each slice of our ARCANO ham tells a story, reflecting the love and care we dedicate to each of our products.

Jamon Maldonado - Arcano jamón de bellota

But we don’t just stop at the ham. At MALDONADO we also make a wide variety of products derived from pure Iberian pork, such as shoulder, loin, salchichón and chorizo, all of them with the same dedication and commitment to quality. Each of these products is the result of the careful selection of top-quality raw materials and an artisan production process that respects the most authentic culinary traditions.

Our goal at MALDONADO is to bring gastronomic excellence to each table and share the richness and flavor of the pasture with all those who value quality and tradition. We are proud to be part of the gastronomic history of Spain and we hope to continue surprising the most demanding palates with our unique and high-quality products.

We invite you to visit our website, ibericosmaldonado.com, where you can discover more about our passion for the pasture and the pure Iberian pig! Explore our selection of products, learn about our history and let yourself be seduced by the incomparable flavor and quality of Ibéricos Maldonado.

Join us on this journey through the culture of the pure Iberian pig and discover why the pasture is a treasure that deserves to be preserved. At MALDONADO, we are committed to quality, tradition and respect for the environment. We are passionate about what we do and we want to share that passion with you. We are waiting with open arms!

Las cosas excepcionales, como el arte, requieren tiempo.


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Jamón MALDONADO en China Shanghái

Jamón MALDONADO en China Shanghái

Jamón MALDONADO triunfa en la Exposición China International Import Export de Shanghái
El jamón de bellota 100% ibérico MALDONADO ha sido uno de los productos más destacados de la Exposición China International Import Export (CIIE) de Shanghái, celebrada del 5 al 10 de noviembre de 2023.

MALDONADO na revista ORIGEN por Luis Ramirez

MALDONADO na revista ORIGEN por Luis Ramirez

Descubra a paixão de MALDONADO pelo pasto e pelo puro porco ibérico Hoje queremos partilhar com todos os amantes do bom presunto e da tradição gastronómica a história da nossa empresa e a nossa paixão pelo pasto e pelo puro porco ibérico. No MALDONADO, estamos...

Canal Extremadura y Maldonado Copiar

Canal Extremadura y Maldonado Copiar

Capítulo da série de micro-espaços «Excelentes», no Canal Extremadura, dedicados a Ibéricos Maldonado. Gravado em Arronches (Portugal) e Alburquerque (Badajoz). Dehesas em que Manuel tem os seus animais em liberdade com uma alimentação à base de produtos do ecossistema como a bolota.

Extremadura TV & Maldonado

Extremadura TV & Maldonado

Capítol de la sèrie de microespais «Excelentes», a Canal Extremadura, dedicat als Ibèrics Maldonado. Enregistrat a Arronches (Portugal) i Alburquerque (Badajoz). Deheses en què Manuel té els seus animals en llibertat amb una dieta basada en productes de l’ecosistema com les glans.

Extremadura TV & Maldonado

Extremadura TV & Maldonado

Chapter of the series of micro-spaces «Excelentes», on Canal Extremadura, dedicated to the Maldonado Iberians. Recorded in Arronches (Portugal) and Alburquerque (Badajoz). Deheses where Manuel keeps his animals free with a diet based on ecosystem products such as acorns.